REPENTANCE: controversy has surrounded it for centuries. What does it mean? Why do different dictionaries give different definitions for the same word? Why does the Old Testament teach that God repents? Is repentance really necessary for salvation or is salvation by faith alone? As part of a growing series on doctrine written from an Independent Baptist perspective, REPENTANCE: GOD’S MARVELOUS GIFT answers these questions and many more.

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"I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to better understand Biblical repentance. We used it in our Bible institute and it helped all of us to think through the subject and come to a better understanding of repentance.” - Kevin Hall, Missionary Church Planter serving in South Africa

"Repentance is an important Bible truth that is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. But, repentance is essential for salvation, and therefore, a truth that is relevant and essential for every person who desires to know God. In this very helpful book, Stephen Baker give a solid Biblical explanation of this important Bible doctrine. His book will help the new Christian and the advanced Bible student to rethink what the Bible teaches and to examine his own presuppositions. Stephen uses a combination of solid exegesis and helpful illustrations to walk with the reader through what the Bible teaches (and what it does not teach) about repentance. I believe this book will be a great help and encouragement to every Christian and to those who are responsible to teach God's Word. It is easy to read, educational, inspirational, and refreshing. Pick up your copy today and learn more about God's marvellous gift of repentance!” - Travis Snode, Missionary Church Planter, Pastor in London, England

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